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Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Co.,Ltd. will ensure that all activities of the company operate in
accordance with this policy.
In order to minimize the nevironmental impact in our supply process of drinking water ,Shanghai
Pudong Veolia Water Co.,Ltd.hereby promises to:
   Abide by all the environment-related laws and regulations of China and Shanghai Municipality in
   Improve the health protection for the public;
   Gradually recognize, evaluate and minimize the impact of our production activities on the
   environment, particularly relating to the following aspects:
      Predict and restrict the pollutants discharged into water;
      Strengthen the management of chemicals;
      Control our impact upon the urban environment;
      Improve the management of waste materials.
   Minimize the water loss and wastage.
This policy will be realized through the development, implementation and continual improvement of
the environmental management system of this company.
General Manager